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Member Benefits


Welcome to MSA!

We've completed a makeover of our site in order to bring you more information and resources in a user-friendly environment. There's still more to come; some pages are barren. Please be patient as we make the next round of improvements.

The Maryland Staffing Association is...

a chapter affiliate of the American Staffing Association

a member of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Value for You
and Your Company

We provide our members with numerous value-added benefits as listed below. For additional details, click on the keywords highlighted below. Download a membership application and join today!


  • An attorney to help decipher legal proceedings and other rulings
  • A lobbyist to maintain our interests during the legislative session
  • Association membership in the Maryland Chamber of Commerce

Our legal advisor provides us with an interpretation of court rulings and other administrative proceedings affecting Labor & Employment Law.  Serving as our legal advisor from Hodes, Pessin & Katz, P.A. is Leslie Robert Stellman, Esq.

The MSA Legislative Committee, in conjunction with a legislative watch group, reviews bills introduced into the Maryland General Assembly which specifically affect the staffing industry or business at large.

In addition, the Maryland Staffing Association is proud to be an association member of the Maryland Chamber of Commerce.  This affords our members with additional educational and legislative resources.


MSA has established a Staffing Forum to provide members with a venue to address multi-level issues.  Such issues may include: Unemployment Appeals, HIPAA Regulations & Compliance, Risk Management, Workers’ Compensation, Employee Benefits, OSHA and MOSH Requirements, Federal & State Legislation, and Court Rulings & Other Legal Proceedings. The Staffing Forum enables all levels of staffing professionals to network, share information and experiences, identify potential collaborative projects, and invite speakers to address issues important to them.


  • 10 networking opportunities
  • Industry referrals from members
  • Membership Directory




And More...

  • MSA Today newsletter
  • Monthly broadcast email/fax
  • Legislative alerts during the Maryland General Assembly
  • Corporate sponsor product and service information
  • Company listing on this web site including occupational areas
  • Free upload to job postings

As part of our benefits package, MSA members receive a copy of MSA Today, our newsletter.  Articles include success stories from individuals who have or continue to use the services of the staffing industry, state and federal legal and legislative issues, business principles, indiustry product and service information, professional development and technology.  Corporate sponsors are welcome to advertise.

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